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  • Bitcoin falls to new 18-month low as cryptocurrency meltdown deepens
    Post time: 06-17-2022

    Bitcoin fell to an 18-month low on Wednesday, dragging smaller tokens down with it and deepening a market meltdown triggered by cryptocurrency lender Celsius freezing customer withdrawals this week. The world’s largest cryptocurrency fell as much as 7.8 percent to $20,289, the lowest since ...Read more »

  • Analyst Says Bitcoin Will End 2022 ‘Flat, Possibly Rising,’ Saylor Bets $1 Million on BTC
    Post time: 06-10-2022

    Fundstrat’s Tom Lee hopes Bitcoin has “bottomed out” with mixed messages on BTC price action.   Bitcoin (BTC) retains two of its best-known proponents, but one of them has cooled its BTC price predictions considerably. In an interview with CNBC on June 9, Tom Lee, co-found...Read more »

  • Tesla delivers Megapacks to new Bitcoin mining facility
    Post time: 05-27-2022

    Tesla has delivered four Megapacks to a huge new bitcoin mining facility in Texas that will be the first to be powered by the automaker’s solar power and batteries. The project was announced last month as a partnership between Tesla, Blockstream and Jack Dorsey’s Blocks (formerly Squ...Read more »

  • $3 billion worth of bitcoin was sold in a attempt to save UST stablecoin from collapse
    Post time: 05-17-2022

    Investors have been eager to learn what happened to the $3 billion in bitcoin that cryptocurrency company Terra bought to back its failed stablecoin. Now they’ve got their answer. Luna Foundation Guard, the fund set up by Terra creator Do Kwon, said Monday that it spent nearly all of its re...Read more »

  • Bitcoin Is Increasingly Acting Like Just Another Tech Stock
    Post time: 05-13-2022

    Bitcoin was envisioned more than a decade ago as “digital gold,” a long-term store of value that could withstand broader economic trends and provide preservation of value against inflation. But bitcoin’s price plunge over the past month suggests that vision is still a long way f...Read more »

  • 401K Provider Fidelity Looks to Invest in Crypto
    Post time: 04-27-2022

    Fidelity, the largest U.S. 401(k) plan provider, said Tuesday that it will enable its participants to put a portion of their retirement funds into bitcoin – if their employers are willing to allow it. The announcement could bring millions of people closer to investing directly in bitcoin this su...Read more »

  • Coinbase Is Launching NFT Marketplace in BETA 2022
    Post time: 04-21-2022

    Coinbase (COIN) launched its long-awaited NFT marketplace on Wednesday, focusing on trying to create a social community for buyers and sellers. “This product is not just about buying and selling,” said Sanchan Saxena, Coinbase’s vice president of product.” It’s about building your community. It’s...Read more »

  • How Ukrainian Refugees Think of Bitcoin? Fun Experience!
    Post time: 04-15-2022

    Ukrainian Alena Vorobiova, before Russia’s invasion against Ukraine in February, she never thought about bitcoin. But with everything shut down, border closed and shelling on her hometown, cash in short at every ATM across the country, and more, central banks stopped electronic cash transfers, Al...Read more »

  • Post time: 10-28-2021

    1) We are the largest miner reseller on Alibaba; 2) We had sold over 200,000 miners since 2017; 3) We provide turn key solution from testing to door-to-door shipping; 4) We own the largest miner refurbishment center in China; 5) We had worked with more than 5,100 overseas clients since 2017. Read more »


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